— Visual & Interaction Design.



I am a Philadelphia-based freelance visual & user interaction designer with experience in a variety of industries and markets: pharmaceutical, health and beauty, 3D printing, real estate, agriculture, personal branding, and more.

I have taught visual rhetoric and communication, creative and academic writing, and literature courses at various universities, including Syracuse University and Colgate University, where I was the Olive B. O'Connor Creative Writing Fellow from 2017-2018. (You can check out some of my poems & stories here.) I hold an MFA from Syracuse University, and was the Editor-In-Chief for the literary journal Salt Hill. I am the founding editor and Editor-in-Chief for the digital literary journal NightBlock.

What gives me the most pleasure is helping others discover their visual identities and enhance existing identities. As a visual & user interaction designer, I help close the gap between the maker and the made, the product and the consumer, the user and the experience, the content and the heart.