Awards & Publications

Honors & Awards

Book Prize Shortlists
Persea Books Lexi Rudnitsky Book Prize Finalist for full collection, Impossible Animal, 2016.
National Poetry Series Finalist for full collection, Impossible Animal, 2015-2016.
Tupelo Press’s Berkshire Book Prize Finalist for full collection, Impossible Animal, 2015.
Four Way Books’ Levis Prize Finalist for full collection, Impossible Animal, 2015.
Crab Orchard Series Book Prize Finalist for full collection, Impossible Animal, 2015.
Omnidawn’s 2014 Chapbook Poetry Contest Finalist for You Can’t Come Back to This Violet Time.
DIAGRAM/New Michigan Press’s 2014 Chapbook Finalist for You Can’t Come Back to This Violet Time.
Phantom Limb Press’s Chapbook Contest Finalist for collaborative chapbook, Optimal Night (with David Wojciechowski), 2014.

Fellowships & Scholarships
Olive B. O’Connor Creative Writing Poetry Fellow, Colgate University, Hamilton, NY, 2016-2017.
Elise G. Mead Scholarship for Creative Writing, Syracuse University, 2011-2014.
Corine Holt Sawyer Scholarship, Clemson University, 2010.
English Department Creative Writing Award for Poetry, Clemson University, 2009.

Poetry Prize Shortlists
Best of the Net Nominee & Finalist for poem “In Which I Am Dying.” Ghost Ocean. 2016.
Best of the Net Nominee & Finalist for poem "Acrobats, Water." Ostrich Review. 2015
Pushcart Prize Honorable Mention for “Wreck,” a collaborative poem written with David Wojciechowski. 2013. 

Writing Competitions (Results)
December Magazine’s 2015 Jeff Marks Memorial Prize Finalist for “In Which I Am Dying.”
Yemassee’s 2014 Pocataligo Poetry Contest Finalist for individual poem, “Pax History.”
Summer Literary Seminars Editor’s Recognition, 2014.
Writers@Work Annual Fellowship Competition Finalist, 2014.
Two-time winner of The Joyce Carol Oates Poetry Award, Syracuse University, 2012-2013.
Midwest Writing Center’s Poetry Contest National Finalist, 2012.
Honorable Mention for “Bodies of Sky” (fiction) in Glimmer Train’s Family Matters Contest, 2008.


When You Approach Me at the Lake of Tomorrow. Slash Pine Press. Fiction Chapbook. May 2015.
Strategies for the Bromidic. dancing girl press. Poetry Chapbook. October 2011.
After Milk & Song.  Stepping Stones Press/SC Poetry Initiative. Poetry Chapbook. November 2010.

They Said: A Multi-Genre Anthology of Contemporary Collaborative Writing. Collaborative poems with David Wojciechowski and Michael Burkard. 2018.
Best New Poets 2014. “Leavings That Change the Future.” Selected by Dorianne Laux. 
Off Channel. “Night-timing” and “We Twinned Last Night.” 2012. 

Literary Journals, Magazines, and Other Periodicals (Poetry)
the minnesota review“The Tessellation Process.” 2018.
Fairy Tale Review. "Provencal." The Charcoal Issue. 2018.
Bennington Review. "Our Shared Sarcophagus Is Only a Slim Shadow in the Hallway" and "It Couldn't Have Happened Any Sooner." 2017.
Figure 1. "Substantial Evidence Against Ghosts." 2017.
Arts & Letters. “The Hard Work” and “Not Nocturne.” Print 2016.
Sprung Formal. “Superstition” and “Pageantry.” May 2016.
Ghost Ocean. “Simplify the Ruins” and “In Which I Am Dying.” Audio included. 2016.
Phantom Books. “Pastoral, with Terror” and “Convocation.” Emerging Poets Issue. 2015.
The Laurel Review. “Sleeping Potion.” 2015.
Dusie. “Dear Jessica //” and “Dear Jessica //” and “Dear Jessica //.” 2015.
OmniVerse. “The Moment In Which I Walk Into the Smallest Mirror to See What I've Become." 2015.
Whiskey Island. “Deliquium” and “Recondition.” 2014.
Muzzle. “Poem for a Dying Horse.” Audio included. 2014.
Ostrich Review. “Acrobats, Water.” 2014.
Bodega. “The Braiding.” October 2014.
fields. “Variations.” July 2014.
SpringGun Press. “Dear 2009” and “I Was (Sometimes) Alone for These Films II.” July 2014.
Blast Furnace. “Pax History.” July 2014.
ILK Journal. Issue Fourteen. “Dead Wife’s Song” and “Not That We Are Ghosts.” June 2014.
alice blue review. “With Each New Beginning: Distress Signals” and “Colossal World.” June 2014.
Spork. “The Divine as Numerical Sequences,” “Interpellative/Hailed into a Subject Position," “Afterlog of Horse Thieves” and “Black Sabbath Plays While We are Fornicating in the Grass.” October 2012.
CellPoems. Four poems from These Bestial Nights (series). November 2010.
BlazeVOX.  Issue 2KX.  “How to Remember a Birthday Party” and “How to Remember What You’ve Read” and “How to Remember an Apex.” October 2010.
GlitterPonyIssue Eleven. “Lacaning” and “The Nuckalavee” and “Upon waking in the forest with no limbs.” October 2010.
Message in a Bottle. “Night Landing” and “The Whole World.” June 2010.
Counterexample Poetics. “Bringing” and “Capsized” and “Papa, sometimes if I squint.” 2009.
The Country Dog Review. “South Carolina, July.” Spring 2009.

Literary Journals, Magazines, and Other Periodicals (Fiction) 
90s Meg Ryan. “Dear Loneliness.” Audio included. February 2015.
elsewhere. “Inverted Qualia.” July 2014.
The Yoke. “How the Body Wakes Up,” “Infamous Things,” and “Designation." July 2014.

Literary Journals, Magazines, and Other Periodicals (Collaborations)
The Carolina Quarterly. “Spirit Facts.” Collaborative poem with David Wojciechowski. 2015.
Banango Street. “Gravitas.” Collaborative poem with David Wojciechowski2015.
Jellyfish Magazine. “Collecting the Things That Leave.” Collaborative poem with Cate McLaughlin. 2015.
Tammy. “from Optimal Night” and “We Had to Wait.” Collaborative poems with David Wojciechowski. 2014.
Ampersand Review. “You Can’t Buy Me Flowers Anymore.” Collaborative poem with David Wojciechowski. May 2014.
Ohio Edit. “For All Poems After Basho.” Collaborative poem with David Wojciechowski. May 2014.
inter|rupture. “Permission.” Collaborative poem with David Wojciechowski. June 2014.
Birdfeast. “Apothecary with Forest” and “Wreck.” Collaborative poems with David Wojciechowski. 2013.
Beecher’s. “Bestiary” and “Not Anymore.” Collaborative poems with David Wojciechowski. Web & Print. August, November 2013.

Interviews, Reviews, and Criticism
The Yoke. Interview with Editors. 2014.
Coldfront Magazine“Review of Dear Failures, Trey Sager” (Ugly Duckling Presse, 2011) with David Wojciechowski. 2013.
The South Carolina Review. “An American Haunting: Channeling Ghosts (If You Have Them).” If You Have Ghosts by John Pursley III. Print. Spring 2012.
The South Carolina Review. “‘To Idi Amin I’m an idiot:’ Inebriated on Poetry and Palindromes with Fred Yannantuono.” A Boilermaker for the Lady by Fred Yannantuono. Print. Spring 2011.
Gently Read Literature. “Kinetic Poetry: Erin Mullikin on Abraham Smith’s Whim Man Mammon.” 2008.

The Journal of Undergraduate Multimedia Projects.“Mystory/Electracy.” The University of Texas at Austin. October 2010.